Thursday, February 28, 2013


Our homeschool project last week was growing alfalfa sprouts. My kids wet nits over their little individual jars and faithfully rinsed them three times a day. When the sprouts were full grown I wasn't sure how much the kids would like them. So I just put a little spoonful I'm each of their plates at lunch. I left the room for a few minutes to put Zane down it a nap, and when I came back all the sprouts were GONE!

Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Growing pains

Jed has had bad growing pain the last day or two. I finally suggested he could use his dads electric massager. Boy oh boy was that the solution. Now he is rolling around joyfully on the bed. "That feels soooo much better, Mom! I could do this all day! Maybe he is finally hitting a growth spurt. He grew several inches last February and has hardly grown at all since.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


Jed and I wanted to figure out what birds are visiting our bird feeder. So we printed out a cheat sheet of backyard birds and we are having such a good time. We just saw a chickadee AND a cardinal!


Guess who found the bikes... And now he is hiding from mommy!

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Valentine's Caroling

Pink Oatmeal for my valentines!
The kids and I started the most lovely tradition this year-- Valentines Caroling.  We made some heart shaped cookies, very simply wrapped them, grabbed some valentines we had made the week before, and we went to four ladies’ houses.  All of them are single and I knew they'd be home along on Valentine's Day.  Jed, Zoe and I piled out of the car and went to the door.  When they answered, we sang “I love you, a bushel and a peck...” together, which is pretty much the cutest thing ever with Jed’s off-tune man humming and Zoe’s somber chocolate gaze.  We had such a good time, and it seemed the perfect way to end a day celebrating love!

Happy Sunday!

Red Hat

Jed thought Zane was so cute in his red hat that he had to snap a few pictures.

Snap Circuits

Jed got the coolest electronics set for his birthday.  Everybody loves playing with it, but especially Papa Steve, the family electronics guru. Pretty neat to have a toy that Grandfather and Grandson can enjoy together!

On the bed

We were just laying on the bed together.  But Zane was so cute laying there with us we had to capture the moment.

I'm on the phone!

He's a busy man with important business to accomplish.  
Or, could be that he's a 1970s disco star on the phone with his agent. 
Either way, I'm gonna kiss me a big bunch o' darling man-baby cheek today.

A Horn?

Jed was flipping out over this "pokey thing" in the back of his mouth, only on one side. I kept telling him it was just something stuck in his gums.  "NO, Mom, it is part of my mouth."  He looked at me and I saw genuine fear in his eyes.  "Mom, is it a HORN?" No, Jed, I can pretty much guarantee it is not a horn.  Finally I got him to open up and I took a look in there.  And... it's a new tooth!  He's getting a new molar!  Who knew that 6 year olds had 6 year old molars!?  So I guess all our boys are teething molars this week!

Monday, February 4, 2013


Mommy's little helper