Monday, March 17, 2014

Kid Heights

As is obvious to those present, they are tall kids!  Especially my two elder ostriches.

Height: 51 1/2 (93rd percentile)
Shoulder/Hip: 14
Shirt: 8 (M)
Pants: 7
Shoes: 3

Height: 43 1/2 (92nd percentile)
Shouder/Hip: 13
Pants: 6
Shoes: 11
Dress: 6 (but it needs to be long, she is so tall!)

Height: 37 3/4 (84th percentile)
Shoulder/Hip: 11 1/2
Shirt: 3T
Shoes: 9
(He is growing fast!)

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

My babes

Today Zoe read a poem out of this darling

Margaret Wise Brown collection we’ve borrowed from the library.  She read haltingly and with occasional prompting about all the little animals in the snow... so sweet and lovely.  She is a precious girl.  She is like a soft wiggly snuggly little kitten right now and I can’t get enough of it.  Jed says she is more like a kangaroo because she jumps all the time.

Jed compares himself to a goat, which is pretty much just about right.  “Like a sheep, but stronger.”  I might add “And also insanely stubborn.”  That boy has a mind of his own.  He is so sweet and easy and teachable in daily living, but when it comes to something where he has a differing opinion, wooeee do those heels dig in hard.  He is NOT GOING TO BUDGE once he’s made his mind up.

And Zane is Mommy’s Boy!  “Mommy Mommy Me!”  Much to his daddy’s consternation.  He is also my “Happy hoppy boy Me!”  Happy all the time!  “Car car.... GO!” Running and roaring and giggling at the world.  An absolute ball of boyish delight.  Snuggly.  Into everything.  Must be in the middle and in the way at all times.  Messy.  Goes potty once or twice a day.  Eats like a piggy and a picky little piggy at times, too.  Sleeps beautifully and almost always in his Big Boy Bed.  Kisses my owies and hands me items at the dinner table.  Eager to be a part of everything.  Shouts math quizzes at the whiteboard while scribbling madly: “FOUR!  ONE!  TREE FOUR!  E-L-O!”  The translation is simple “I AM A BIG BOY LIKE EVERYONE ELSE AND I CAN DO IT, TOO!”  When you sing “Winnie the...” he can’t stop himself from sweetly popping out “Pooh!” on those pink round lips, and follow it with a sheepish grin.  At the end he sings “..silly ol’ ba-yow!” and it slays me every time.  Unbearable cuteness!

Saturday, March 1, 2014