Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Homeschool Morning

I thought I'd share a scene from our homeschool morning.

First, eggs and toast for breakfast.  Before breakfast, the kids have a small list of chores to complete.
While the kids are happily munching, we do our morning devotional and family study time.
First, song of the week (My Home is Montana)
Then, song of the month (It's Autumn Time, Zoe's current favorite)
Flag Ceremony, including patriotic song and Pledge of Allegiance
Calendaring, including numerous songs and counting at the calendar
Read from the Book of Mormon
Read a character-building story (the yellow book)
Geography with photo cards and the globe
Alphabet flash cards
Sight Word flash cards
Board time (phonics/reading at the white board)
Here is my morning routine tray:
Today, instead of math together at the whiteboard, Jed and I did a coin sorting activity. He's still learning which coins are called what and worth how much.
 Then he made a bar graph.
 Meanwhile, Zoe played a "Choose the Right" matching game.
 Then mom cleaned up the dishes and kitchen while Jed and Zoe took turns playing math and phonics games for 30 min.
Afterwards, the kids had to finish up their morning chores and then ran off to play.  

 Later in the day we will read books and cook together.  Often we play games or write in our journals later on.  Then books again before bed. I feel like this gives Jed a pretty well rounded learning experience while still having fun relaxed together as a family.

Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sous Chef

 An important part of our kindergarten curriculum this year is cooking.  Every week Jed picks a new recipe to cook himself.  Last week it was "Frozen Bananoids", chocolate and coconut/nut covered frozen bananas. This week we have a few Halloween treats to make.

Here he is helping me chop sausage for one of our favorite soups.
And... cue the goofball.

Friday, October 26, 2012


Zoe and I were outside eating breakfast on a glorious late fall morning when guess who popped out of the house to say "Hello!"
  It's... Mini-Michael!
Here Jed has perfectly replicated his dad's work outfit: blue striped button-up shirt, khakis, leather shoes. 
Isn't he the very image of the budding internal auditor?

"Mom," he said, "I want to be JUST like dad today!  Look, I've even got my pen!"

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Cycling Dudes

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

One Evening With Zane

"Helping" mom clean the fridge.

He wants to ride bikes like the big kids SO BAD.  I keep telling him he has to walk first.

Maybe he can just go for a ride with sissy?

Yes, that is a piece of PB sandwich stuck to his cheek. Everyone thought that was hilarious.

He really wants to brush his teeth like the big kids! We caught him up on the stool sucking on Zoe's toothbrush.  Mmmmm, toothpaste.

Girl Fairy, With Babies

Jed's Baby Brother

Jed took these photos of his Little Zany. These boys sure love each other.

General Conference Treats

For General Conference a couple of weeks ago, we each chose a topic and a favorite treat.  Jed labeled the bowls for us (Popcorn=Jesus, M&Ms=Pray, Teddy Grahams=Temple, Scriptures=Frosted Animal Crackers) and each time the phrase was said, everyone got to pick one treat from that bowl.  Totally fun, and the kids listened to EVERY WORD!

Chef's Assistant

... and goofball...

Sunday, October 7, 2012

Family Photos

Family photos.... AT LAST!

These gorgeous photos are courtesy of our dear friend Brooke Monroe.  You can see more of her photography at her family blog.  We went out to the forest at Angel Mounds and did a family photo trade -- she took photos for us and we took photos of her family. We have been planning this for years now, but it isn't easy since we keep taking turns getting pregnant and let's be honest, no woman wants a fat-lady-family-photo. But at last our family planning fell in sync. Not only did the photos turn out fantastic, but we got to spend a hilarity-filled Sunday afternoon with Brooke, Chad, and their brood of busy boys.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Sleeping Babes

I just checked on my sweetly slumbering babes.

Jed sleeps on his back with his beloved Sunbear and Roofie clasped to his chest.

Zoe has tenderly arranged her fourteen (that I can see) bedmates upon her self and pillow, so she is literally engulfed in a pile of dolly and stuffed animal love.

I adore those kids.