Thursday, November 7, 2013

Yesterday after some wrestling to try and get the darn kids to write something, I finished up with sufficient success and helped them do a crossword puzzle to finish up our morning.  Then I went in the bathroom for a few minutes.  Jed came running up crowing loudly “MOM! LOOK AT ME GO!” and there, written across the top of his crossword page.  It was like all these years of talking and phonics finally clicked and he was literally screaming and jumping up and down with excitement.  “I CAN WRITE A SENTENCE!!!!!”  After came a veritable flood of writing, sheets and sheets and sheets of everything he’s been wanting to communicate for years.  His little face lit up.  I can’t even express how miraculous and exciting it was to see his mind make that connection and rejoice in it!

After that came a veritable flood of writing. He is so proud! "Today is a day that Jed wants to play!"