Friday, February 24, 2012


Michael was home sick.  Zane was tired.  This is what I found.

Thursday, February 23, 2012

Mom and Baby

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 1/2

Zoe at 2 and 1/2 years old.

She has finally learned to talk, and apparently the whole world likes her... and she likes them, too!  "Look, Mommy, is a cow!  (giggles) I like dat cow. Dat cow LIKES me!"

Also, every child is her friend.  As is every adult relative.  "Dey mah 'rends. Yup. Dees mah  'rends!"

*exasperated sigh*  "Ah WIGHT, Mom!"

Hearing Zoe talk amazes me.  Since she was non-verbal, I assumed she didn't understand much.  But to my surprise she can count to twenty with only small errors, knows all of her shapes, can sing the alphabet, and has a large repertoire of songs that she sings to herself all the day long.

Her fine motor skills have developed to the point that often she can do a craft more carefully and thoroughly than even her older brother.

She draws beautiful spirals (and has since she could pick up a crayon, I love them.)  Sheets and sheets of spirals all about the house.

She has been potty trained for several months now.

Zoe idolizes Jed to the point of irritation.  If I ask "Who wants a sandwich!?!" she unfailingly jumps up with a huge smile and shouts "ME!"  But then if Jed says "I don't want one," then immediately Zoe sits down, pouts, and says "No want either."  But they are SUCH good buddies, playing and laughing all day every day, I can't be angry at their wholly encompassing unity.

Often exclaims "I have TWO papas!" at random intervals -- because she loves her Grandpas above all others.

Every day we take a nap together and play the "My pillow!" game.  I love snuggling with her soft arms around meband she loves it, too.  It's our special mother-daughter time and we've been doing it for over a year now.

Zoe doesn't take orders well, though she's often a willing helper.  Honey goes a lot farther than force with her.  Stubborn storms wear off quickly, and her sweet little fat pouty lip is a miracle of nature.  You could put a plate on that sucker.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bath time for Zany

Monday, February 20, 2012

Monster Truck Party!

(Preamble: I am a little hesitant to post these photos, since this year I was a mean ol' Mom and didn't let Jed invite very many friends to his party. And he has a LOT of friends that he loves. So if you are reading this and suddenly realize "Hey! Why wasn't my child invited to the party?!" please don't be upset. Last year's party was too big and very not fun for Mom, so this year I told him three friends and that was it. The choice was hard for him. We somehow ended up with five friends. But that was really it! :) We will be sure to have ALL our friends over for fun stuff this year, I promise.)

Jed turned FIVE YEARS OLD, can you believe it!  I somehow got suckered into a "friend" party, which I swore I would never do again.  But this time we made it fun for mom AND kids!

Jed is obsessed with Monster Trucks, so that was our theme.  Since we had already consumed more birthday cake than should be legal over the last month, I decided that instead of a traditional party we would have a pancake breakfast party.  Michael drew monster trucks on the paper plates and we cooked sourdough pancakes for the wheels.  Everyone got syrup, whippy, and a candle on top.  We sang and each kid got to blow out a candle (which everyone knows is the best part of the birthday party. Surely I am not the only one who has gotten so excited singing the song that I enthusiastically blew the candles out along with the birthday kid and then felt slightly embarrassed for it :)

Then we opened presents.  That's right, first birthday cakes for everyone, then immediately presents. I am throwing the birthday party of my dreams.  (Doesn't everyone just want to open the presents right away!?!)  Lots of good gifts.  Thanks, everyone!

Then playtime for everybody while I set up the craft table! I got out every medium I could think of and spread it out over the whole big table.  There were gasps of joy as the kids came in the room.  So fun!  Ostensibly we were making big monster truck pictures but whatever.  We ended up with an impressive variety of creativity.

Zoe insisted on wearing her party dress.  But she has decided she does NOT like having her photo taken.




After craft time we just goofed around a bit.  Which is what Jed's buddies do best.
Mylee leads the goofballs in a little camera silliness.

I love how many of the girls came dressed up in their own personal party style.

Happy Birthday, Jed!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

New Sewing Machine!

My beloved old sewing machine that I've been using since my youth started to struggle last year and eventually I could hardly even sew a straight seam. So for Christmas, everyone (and I mean EVERYONE) pooled their Christmas money and bought me an awesome new sewing machine. So excited! I made myself a shirt for my birthday, I'm crazy quilting some pillow covers for my couch pillows, and I want to make a little outfit for Zoe Ann.

Saturday, February 18, 2012

February Kids

I'd like to start taking a picture of all the kids together the first day of every month.

....but we always need an extra baby photo.

Dad at work.

Quiet moments with little Zane.

Quiet moments with Jed and Zoe look more like this:
Yes, he is stacked under every stuffed animal and pillow they own. He was trying to do some homework.  Jed thought he needed a pillow behind his head. Then things got a little out of hand. "Cozy spot, Dad!"  They are very pleased with themselves.

Thursday, February 9, 2012


Jed crept up on the sofa and while kissing Zane's forehead quietly murmured:

"Zane, the world is beautiful.
You were born from Heavenly Father, Zany."

They gazed at each other.


Jed screeched and wiped his face furiously.

Then he caressed Zane's arm and softly sang,
"I love you a bushel and a peck,
Oh I love you my Zany maney-weck!"

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Happy Birthday to Jed!

Five years old!

He asked for a heart shaped banana cake with blue frosting. I took care of the creation. The kids and Dad decorated it.
We were glad that Papa Steve was there to share the feast with us.

Matching hats for Jed and Zoe!

I created this particularly ugly pillow under Jed's direction.  He picked out the fabric, I tried to learn a new quilting technique. Michael informed me I violated every design rule in the universe. (The next project is turning out much more, uh, polished, promise.)  Jed is THRILLED with it and carries it around half the day so far. At night it is his "mom hug" that he squeezes tight.
Zoe loves birthdays!
Jed's truck he got from Dad.  The night before we went "basement shopping" which involves digging through the bags of toys I've squirreled away from various Take It or Leave Its at church and garage sales the last couple years  .  Seriously, best shopping ever.  We spent a whole 99c on Jed's birthday this year, and it was an excellent birthday if I do say so myself.

Thursday, February 2, 2012


Today is a special day. February 2nd, 2007, will forever be marked in our family as our little Jed's birthday. But to me, it will always be far more than that. I always think of February 2nd as MY birth-day - the day I became a mother. That morning I felt a new birth, into a new life of motherhood and service to my children. The birth of a new family. Where there had only been a couple before, now there was a full circle of father/mother/child. A home, where before there had been but a house with two people inside. With the arrival of that small, wise-eyed, sober and sweet little boy, our home, our marriage, our lives became holy and consecrated.

Thank you, sweet little Jed, for making our lives holy!