Sunday, June 6, 2010


Zoe loves her Jed, and wherever he goes she goes, too. Her first stair climb a few weeks ago came from a desperate desire to follower her beloved Big Brother upstairs. When Jed and Dad go in the bedroom for bedtime, if I don't grab her she will follow them down the hall and tragically throw herself against the door, moaning at her lonely fate, banging for her beloved Jed.

Friday morning, as I prepared for our trip to St. Louis that afternoon, Jed told me he felt tired and wanted to have Quiet Time. Usually we do that after lunch, but since we had an unusual schedule that day I said, "Sure, why not?" and we all settled down into Jed's room to read books. I let Zoe scramble around on the floor while Jed and I read "Just One Woof" and "My Big Rig." Halfway through "Truckery Rhymes" something mostly naked toppled into our book and over onto my lap - Zoe Ann Girl! She tumbled over onto her back, half laying across both of our laps, giggling with a huge proud smile on her square face, as if to proclaim, "LOOK! I did it!" She had climbed onto Jed's bed all by herself and she wanted us to be impressed. We obligingly exclaimed our pride in her accomplishment, which she accepted in coos and gabbles.

After books, Jed looked up at me beseechingly. "Can she stay with me during Quiet Time, Mom? Pleeeeeease?" He gave me his biggest pleading cheesy grin. "Fine with me," I said, "but if she starts to get tired and cry, I will come get her." Jed jumped up in joy. "ALL RIGHT!" I left, somewhat uncertain as to how this would go, but all I heard from the bedroom were light thumps and giggles. About 15 minutes later, I peeked in the door. Zoe bounced on the bed, laughing as Jed capered around the door. They both looked at me. "MOM, she is HAPPY NOW so GO AWAY!" Alrighty then. About 20 minutes passed and I peeked my nose in again. They laid in a heap on the bed, jabbering away at each other. Jed looked up in annoyance. "See, Mom, she was crying a lot of times but I made her laugh again. Leave us alone now." They lasted about 45 minutes total before Zoe's naptime blues really set in and I took her to bed. I am impressed at how well Jed played with his little sister, and thrilled at how utterly taken they are with one another. Jed's been waiting for a (fun, not mom) Quiet Time buddy for a long, long time now, and Zoe laps up his attention like an adoring puppy.

Few things make me happier than seeing my children play happily together, to see them bonded together in mutual love and affection.


MomAlicia said...

I want a 'Like', 'Love', and 'Adore' button for this post. There is nothing more precious or more important in a family than love for each other and the Savior, and it starts just like this. Your and Micheal's great parenting are a huge part of this Vanessa. GOOD job! Love you kids;o)

Nikol said...

That's super cute! aw.

Jan said...

They are growing up too quickly. What a sweet experience.