Saturday, September 18, 2010

First Egg

Our ladies finally laid their first egg on Labor Day.
We all ran outside and jumped and screeched for joy.


Mike and Emily said...

Awesome! I hope it is delicious!

Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

I'm impressed you have chickens! Do you have a lot of land?

Brooke said...

Hannah and I are SO EXCITED!!! I'm glad you got to find it :) My friend in OK said her chickens just went from laying one egg each day to THREE... but I don't know how old they are :)

Joel and Claire said...

Jed is too cute. Period.

NessaAnn said...

Emily - It WAS delicious. We fried it up and cut it into three pieces the next morning -- everyone got two bites. :)

Jodi - We just have six little chickens in our backyard. It's only 1/3 acre but it is plenty too much for us to take care of. ha!

Brooke - yes, we are getting THREE eggs a day now, too! Yahoo!

Joel and Claire - I agree. I think these photos perfectly capture is utter darlingness. He is so thrilled about every little bit of life. I love it!