Monday, December 20, 2010

Scripture Stories

Today, Jed brought in a leather-bound book and announced these were his new scriptures. He sat next to me and read me some of his stories. Here is a direct transcript:

Chapter 1
Helaman and Joseph really wanted to play on the dirt pile. But it was raining outside. So they just kept asking.

Chapter 5
So this is what they did they sneaked out where the rainy dirt pile was and they played in it all morning long. They didn't want to go with their mom to plant seeds and they didn't want to go trick or treating with their mom and they just played all day outside. But their mother came outside. She was really mad at them. The end.

Chapter 1
Some bad guys came into their yard and so what the bad guys did they knocked out some of the bricks but their house didn't fall down. They looked outside and they saw anybody there but none of the bad guys ran away.

Chapter 5
Helaman and Joseph were playing at the playground but they fell off the roller. They fell off and got rust stuff on their pants. Their mommy came and found them trying to flip off it on the top. And they were jumping off the top. But they didn't get hurt! They just rolled around on the playground because it was soft. The end.

Chapter 2 (This is the new one that I used to read and then it was old but then it was new again!)
How Helaman flipped a book out their window. But their window wasn't open and it crashed a hole in it. And the flipped book came outside where the dirt pile was and they went outside to get the book but it was stuck in the mud. But it melted and melted all the time. They liked that book because it had monsters in it. (Five little monsters sitting in a tree. One went shimp and the other went bam.) It was loose in the mud the next day.

Chapter 2. 31:21 that's the one we read tomorrow.


Jodi & Chris Reeve said...

That is ADORABLE!!!

Mike and Emily said...

I need a copy of this newly revealed stuff! It's terribly interesting!

Jan said...

What an adorable boy! I am so glad I get to keep him.

Nikol said...


NessaAnn said...

I was just glad I had my computer right there so I could transcribe his 3-year-old loquaciousness for eternity. My favorite part is the extemporaneous monster rhyming, interjected without missing a beat, towards the end.