Tuesday, August 2, 2011


This month, our Primary and homeschool theme has been temples.  Yesterday, while driving around in the car, Jed, said:  "Mom, every night before I go to sleep all I do is lay in bed and think about temples."  Then Sunday, during church, he leaned over and whispered "Mom, I'm not thinking about Jesus.  Instead I am thinking all about different kinds of temples."  Well, I suppose I can't complain about that.

Last night for Family Home Evening, Michael gave a lesson on babies, how to hold them and be gentle, how we care for them, etc.  Much of it focused on how one can gently hold the baby in one's lap, as long as one asks a parent to help first. Since we are in a fevered Baby Frenzy over here, the lesson was very popular.  This morning, at breakfast, for no apparent reason Zoe set down her toast and scowled at me.  "I want BABY!" she demanded.  I laughed.  "I'll get you the baby as soon as I can, promise, Zoe!"  She scowled again.  "I want baby!"  Then she patted her thighs emphatically.  "I want baby LAP!  Want baby! LAP!"  She continued to shout and slap her legs, absolutely convinced that I am withholding the baby from her in some cruel parental manner.  She doesn't care how I get it, she just wants to hold her baby.  Now!


Jan said...

Give that baby up, Vanessa. Now! Sounds like Zoe does talk when she has something she wants to say.

Nikol said...

your kids are super cute! Come on, Nessa, just give her the baby :-)can't wait to find out the gender!