Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Goals for 2012

I've made a few goals for 2012.  I only set goals for myself that I actually think I'll achieve, so they aren't especially spectacular but I'm excited about each one of them.

Write down something I am grateful for each day.
 Like this.

Track 180 days of homeschooling this year.  
I don't have to do this until Jed turns 7, but I want to start now so I can figure out how to do it before I am required to by law... I think this will also help me focus on doing some educational experience with Jed each day.  He really flourishes with a focused, constructive "just me and mom" activity every afternoon.

Measure myself every Monday
Because I don't own a scale.  I already do quite well at exercising regularly, but I think this will keep me motivated to progress in my health and fitness.

Couple Goal:
Work on an experience for Personal Progress each week.
Michael and I are going to work on this together, but he is doing Duty to God.
Since we both work in the youth program now, this seemed like it would dovetail nicely with our callings.  I also read through the program and was impressed at how much it would help ME develop my spirituality!  I'm actually really excited to dive in.

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