Wednesday, February 22, 2012

2 1/2

Zoe at 2 and 1/2 years old.

She has finally learned to talk, and apparently the whole world likes her... and she likes them, too!  "Look, Mommy, is a cow!  (giggles) I like dat cow. Dat cow LIKES me!"

Also, every child is her friend.  As is every adult relative.  "Dey mah 'rends. Yup. Dees mah  'rends!"

*exasperated sigh*  "Ah WIGHT, Mom!"

Hearing Zoe talk amazes me.  Since she was non-verbal, I assumed she didn't understand much.  But to my surprise she can count to twenty with only small errors, knows all of her shapes, can sing the alphabet, and has a large repertoire of songs that she sings to herself all the day long.

Her fine motor skills have developed to the point that often she can do a craft more carefully and thoroughly than even her older brother.

She draws beautiful spirals (and has since she could pick up a crayon, I love them.)  Sheets and sheets of spirals all about the house.

She has been potty trained for several months now.

Zoe idolizes Jed to the point of irritation.  If I ask "Who wants a sandwich!?!" she unfailingly jumps up with a huge smile and shouts "ME!"  But then if Jed says "I don't want one," then immediately Zoe sits down, pouts, and says "No want either."  But they are SUCH good buddies, playing and laughing all day every day, I can't be angry at their wholly encompassing unity.

Often exclaims "I have TWO papas!" at random intervals -- because she loves her Grandpas above all others.

Every day we take a nap together and play the "My pillow!" game.  I love snuggling with her soft arms around meband she loves it, too.  It's our special mother-daughter time and we've been doing it for over a year now.

Zoe doesn't take orders well, though she's often a willing helper.  Honey goes a lot farther than force with her.  Stubborn storms wear off quickly, and her sweet little fat pouty lip is a miracle of nature.  You could put a plate on that sucker.

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