Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Homeschool Morning

I thought I'd share a scene from our homeschool morning.

First, eggs and toast for breakfast.  Before breakfast, the kids have a small list of chores to complete.
While the kids are happily munching, we do our morning devotional and family study time.
First, song of the week (My Home is Montana)
Then, song of the month (It's Autumn Time, Zoe's current favorite)
Flag Ceremony, including patriotic song and Pledge of Allegiance
Calendaring, including numerous songs and counting at the calendar
Read from the Book of Mormon
Read a character-building story (the yellow book)
Geography with photo cards and the globe
Alphabet flash cards
Sight Word flash cards
Board time (phonics/reading at the white board)
Here is my morning routine tray:
Today, instead of math together at the whiteboard, Jed and I did a coin sorting activity. He's still learning which coins are called what and worth how much.
 Then he made a bar graph.
 Meanwhile, Zoe played a "Choose the Right" matching game.
 Then mom cleaned up the dishes and kitchen while Jed and Zoe took turns playing math and phonics games for 30 min.
Afterwards, the kids had to finish up their morning chores and then ran off to play.  

 Later in the day we will read books and cook together.  Often we play games or write in our journals later on.  Then books again before bed. I feel like this gives Jed a pretty well rounded learning experience while still having fun relaxed together as a family.

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