Wednesday, December 12, 2012

December Stats

Jed's been eating like a piggy the last few days, so we decided to do some measuring.


40" tall (86th percentile)
33 pounds (55th percentile)

48" tall (93rd percentile)
50 pounds (77th percentile)

32" tall (60th percentile)
24.5 pounds (40th percentile)

You can compare this with our most recent August statistics. And you will see that Zane has apparently shrunk?  No he is just the exact same size, just 95% toddler muscle now. I did just use my own adult scale, so it is possible it isn't quite as accurate in the lower numbers.

Then we attempted to take a December kids picture, which was... typical?


Mike and Emily said...

They're funny!

Rachael said...

Vanessa: Your family is so beautiful!!! I hope you have a fabulous Christmas!