Monday, January 21, 2013

A Tribute to Curls

I've known for a while that we needed to cut Zane's hair.  Everyone thinks he's a girl, even when he's wearing a two-piece double breasted suit. The hair hung in his eyes and stuck to his snot and didn't look great on dry days.  But, oh, the glory of those curls!  Putting Zane to bed, his little curly head leaning into my shoulder, soft halo of curls tucked against my neck. Oh, joy!

I promised that I would cut his hair after my mom came to visit and got her turn to nuzzle those glorious soft baby ringlets.  Then I asked Michael to take a few photos so we will never forget our beautiful curly-wurly baby boy.

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Tania said...

Jacob had beautiful baby curls and I cut them when he was 20 months old and they never grew back. If I were to have another baby boy with curls he'd keep them until he started kindergarten. Or maybe longer.