Friday, June 7, 2013

First grade (or something like it)

Jed started first grade a few weeks ago. He still isn't too hot on the reading idea, so I am not pushing him. He loves books and loves read alouds. He still especially loves poetry. Right now we are reading the Henry Huggins books and giggling up a storm.
Jed has always loved math. Last year we did some workbook pages and he liked it for maybe a week, and then it was just too boring frustrating for him so we stopped. I noticed he is a lot more focused so far this year though, so I pulled them out today with a bag of manipulatives that I used when I was a child. So far we've been down here for an hour adding and subtracting our little hearts out!
As I was reading up on the Indiana standards for kindergarten, I pleasantly noted that although we did practically zero book work in the past year, Jed has mastered nearly all of the skills required. The only one I saw that we haven't done is counting by fives and twos. So today I pulled up three or four YouTube videos with songs about counting by fives. Within 20 minutes he could easily count to 100 and beyond by fives. 
Yay for homeschooling! Yay for letting kids learn when they are ready!

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