Monday, February 10, 2014

Jed's 7th Birthday

Jed’s 7th birthday.  My little babe, grown into a sweet, happy, kind-natured boy.  Full of goodness.  Sincere and serious, silly and full of fun.  Stubborn, yet soft natured and always wanting to do what was right.  He is so precious.  His eyes are still full of love.  It makes me so happy.  I enjoy so much seeing my tiny child grow into the smallest semblance of a man.

We had a little party for some of his friends. Too many, more than Mom wanted, but he had a list a mile long so we settled on as many as we could fit around the table AND the card table. We had our traditional PanCAKE Birthday Breakfast, where everyone gets a candle to light as many times as they like, and pancake toppings out of every child's fantasies: syrup, whipping cream, strawberry sauce, chocolate sauce, and sprinkles to layer and devour to their heart's content. One funny boy announced this was the greatest birthday party EVER as he dug into his fifth mounded plate of goodness. Ah, boys are so easy to please!

Then sardines, which involved so much giggling I thought they were going to toss their pancakes before they were found all huddled behind the trash can in the kitchen.

And finally hot potato gift opening.

Simple and perfect. Jed was absolutely glowing and thanked me twenty times for "the party with everything I ever wanted, Mom!" Turns out 7 year old boys are pretty great.

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