Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Last Hot Date

Last Saturday, after a long, inspiring, hippie-ish day of birthing class, we spent the evening on what may very well be our last real date before the baby comes!

We ate at a fancy shmancy and not too expensive restaurant, the Trio Cafe, up in SLC. This involved a particularly amusing scene where a 6'3" man and 5'9" extremely pregnant woman both manage to change into dress clothes in the front seat of a very small Honda while in the parking lot of a hotel.

Then we went to "Fabio Takes on Beethoven" at the Utah Symphony.

This was baby's first symphony, and she obviously thoroughly enjoyed it because she was kicking my innards to a pulp the entire time. Maybe she new Beethoven in the spirit world. ha ha. The Bruckner symphony became a truly visceral experience. It included a rousing brass section like nothing I've heard in years... I loved it, but every time they'd go crazy on another fanfare, it was so loud my belly would go into a contraction! After about an hour of that, combined with baby's excitement, I thought my poor abdomen was going to suffer permanent internal bruising. Turns out those seats aren't too comfortable either... ha ha ha.
Oh, I loved it anyway, though. I know I"ll miss the symphony when I'm up to my ears in baby poop for the next few years. So I relished every moment.

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