Friday, September 12, 2008

Splash Park

Thanks to a brilliant tip from some family friends, the Boonville Splashpark became a major Stanfill family hangout this summer. Free, cool, no drowning risk, and always a blast.

With all the fun spray toys there, naturally Jed selected one item with which to develop a passionate love affair:
The orange fire hydrant.

Yes, it is a real fire hydrant. It does not move, it does not spray water, it doesn't DO anything. But it was love at first sight, nonetheless.

So usually it ended up more Mom playing in the splashpark and Jed developing a blossoming relationship with an inanimate safety object. The crushing blow occured when the park closed on the ELEVENTH of AUGUST, like every other fun event in the Indiana universe, because school starts so early here. We went the last day and almost cried as we bid our favorite spot farewell.
Don't worry, Jedbug, the hydrant will still be faithfully waiting there for you next May!


Tysha and Jacob said...

Great photos - looks like a TON of fun!

oh, and I like that the hydrant is ORANGE :)

Annie Japannie said...

You know, Haeli once had a love affair with a fire hydrant. We were all at the Manti temple, taking scenic pictures, and she was hugging the red fire hydrant off the the side. She called it "baby," and gave it a kiss before we left.

Must be something oddly anthropomorphic about them that we miss being so tall.