Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Vectren Unpopular

On Sunday, Hurricane Ike decided to regain some of his manhood and blasted through Evansville with a fury. Hours upon hours upon hours of high winds did a real number on our lovely wooded community. Dodging fallen power lines and falling trees became a popular form of pre-church entertainment and soon generators and chainsaws became precious commodities. Every home I've seen lost either a major tree or huge branches, and torn corn stalks and debris are scattered everywhere. Today out walking we saw dozens of homes getting their roofs repaired.

We were extremely blessed, as our power never went out for long. We had brownouts and short outages all day but nothing major. Our home is fine. Our road was closed, and we later saw it was because the main power line down to our area had a power pole sheared in half. Repair crews are still scrambling four days later to return power to more than 15,000 homes in the area, so rather than fixing the downed pole somebody just pulled it over to the side of the road and leaned it against a bunch of broken trees. And there it sits, still humming along providing power for all of us. Thank you, neighbors who have been living in fear with a broken power pole taking up most of their front yard. We love you!

Some people, though, aren't so full of love, and especially toward Vectren, the power company where Michael works. So I get all sorts of great insider news from him during the day, and this photo is the latest:

To the man's credit, he may be among the homes that most likely will be out of power through the weekend. No fun. Still funny, though.


Brooke said...

All things considered, I think Vectren seems to be doing a pretty good job :) I know that my parents always seem to be stuck w/o power for closer to a week, so 40 hours in nice weather was a breeze!! We certainly ARE appreciating all of our utilities a bit more now.

Karleewinters said...

Tell him he can move to Galveston and live caveman style for four weeks.

Such whining.

Annie Japannie said...

Would you guys please move away from disaster-prone areas. There is no reason that humans should be inhabiting the paths of hurricanes.

My French roommate is paranoid of natural disasters. She's always asking me what earthquakes are like and how likely I think it is that we'll get one here. "There are disasters of some sort or another everywhere you go," I tell her. "Nope," she replies. "Not in my hometown. Not in Normandy. Nothing happens."

I suppose she's right. Until the Nazis build bunkers all over countryside and the allies bomb the snot out of it. Those natural disasters are the WORST.

Jan said...

Your commentary is fantastic and entertaining!

Anonymous said...

Yes, please move away from that disaster-prone area. Of course we have the BIG earthquake to arrive here someday. Montana, now that's where it is safe! No peaches, but safe! Z