Monday, August 31, 2009

Year Four: Romance

Baby's eyes squeezed shut tight in slumber, Jed quietly zoomed cars around on the couch, and Michael and I giggled as we sneaked into the bedroom for an anniversary moment. Nothing like some good old fashioned smooching on a warm sunny bed.

Just as things started getting good, a head popped up at the base of the bed. "Whatcha doin' Dad?" We ignored the head.

A few moments later, we passionately kissed as a two-and-a-half year old screeched about three inches from our faces "STOP THAT, GUYS! STOP THAT!" The mantra continued as we studiously focused on our osculatory practice. Soon a flop onto my back and moist hands prying our faces apart. "Stop! Stop that, guys! Stop it!" A wail came up as Michael shoved Jed off my back. We broke apart and sighed.

Then grinned. We grabbed the kid and started kissing him.


Bethany said...

loved this story. love how you make the small moments in your life come alive for all us reading. thanks for deeming them worthy to be "put to life" in words on your blog, they definitely brought a smile to my face today. You two are just perfect. I still remember how Michael talked about you in photo class when you were just dating, I knew it was going to be good. Love you both.

C Tam said...

Vanessa, you look just like I remember you--same laughing smile, spunky hair, cute figure (how, may I ask, as apparently you just gave birth??)

I saw Shanda a few times on campus last year. And also your brother. I knew it was him because he was wearing your old backpack. =)

I never keep in touch with anybody very well, but it was fun to see a bit where you've been. Thanks for being a good friend/mentor for me when I needed it those years back; only later did I realize how hard it must have been for you all to put up with me! Love you!


Tessie said...

Such a cute story. The first time Austin saw Ben and I kissing, he thought he should kiss me the same way since he loves me too. Hard to explain to a 2 yr old that you kiss your husband/wife different from your kids.

Shannon said...

Sweet story. R is for Rarely Romance when there are kids around. Our 3 year old tries to kiss his brother on the mouth. Yuck. "Only mommies and daddies kiss like that." :)