Monday, September 7, 2009

Feeling Better

Poor Michael still suffers, but Jed and I are bouncing back. Roseola'a gone and an antibiotic has worked wonders for his mood. Best part is that after a week of hardly eating and dropping to 26 pounds, now his appetite has returned and he's working on covering those ribs back up.


Yesterday for breakfast he ate 7 bowls of cereal and a plate of sausage.

The day before, 13 silver dollar whole wheat pancakes.

Today, 2 eggs, a piece of heavily buttered whole wheat toast, a cup of spinach-apple smoothie, a cup of half and half, a bowl of applesauce, handful of prunes, and a whole banana.

And a snack two hours later.


Brooke said...

Goodness! I don't think all 3 of my kids combined eat that much in a DAY!! I'm glad to hear he's back to eating. I know how much Elijah could put away after he lost weight and was gaining it back :)

Tessie said...

Wow, that boy can put it away!

Mike and Emily said...

That's my kind of kid! I'm SO glad you all are feeling better!

Shannon said...

Are you talking about Michael's meals or Jed's?! What's he going to eat when he's really growing, like a teenager? I'm getting hungry reading that post!