Friday, May 14, 2010

The Nauvoo Temple

The core purpose of our trip to Nauvoo was to accompany my dear friend Brooke on her very first trip to the temple. The Nauvoo Temple has a special place in my heart ever since my mission, served there during the temple open house. Every bit of it feels like home. Michael caught a few photos while we were there.
The back of the temple is my favorite part, probably because as a missionary I loved to sit in the gardens back behind the temple and talk in the quiet shadow of its inscription -- "Holiness to the Lord, the House of the Lord."

One thing I love about this temple is the way it glows, it just seems to radiate light from within.

The view from old 1840s Nauvoo.

On our way home, back to the real world but leaving a little bit of my heart in Old Nauvoo.


Rachael said...

How far away do you live from Nauvoo? I love the pics!

Rachael said...

Whoops! Guess I should have kept reading...hahaha!

Jennifer said...

Beautiful pictures!