Thursday, May 27, 2010

Rainy Evening

The heavens finally blessed our parched garden with rain this afternoon. Before dinner, the kids and I needed a change of pace so we stepped outside. I pulled the car out of the carport, and while Michael grilled us steak and corn, Jed, Zoe and I broke out a new box of sidewalk chalk.

My mom has complained recently that their haven't been enough photos of Zoe and she is absolutely right. Sorry, Mom. These are for you!

Zoe's top-know always garners a lot of attention, and for good reason. Look at that curly little sprig garnished with a flower bow. Irresistible!

She looks like a little dolly but she is the busiest, most filth-encrusted child I know. Her little feet are always black with dirt, she's always exploring in places she shouldn't, shoving all sorts of gross stuff in her mouth. I love this foot shot. Grass between her toes, dirt all over her backside, chalk smeared up her leg, she's a woman on a mission. She's quite the girl, our Zoe.

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T said...

Girls aren't suppose to be prissy and clean until the reach about 6. Savannah likes to get dirty too, but I can see that coming to an end soon. So sad.