Sunday, July 10, 2011

Growing Again

Everyone's been eating and falling down around here a lot, and that usually means we're growing!

Today we marched Jed up against the wall and gave him a check: 43 1/2", which puts him in the 88th percentile for height.  He's grown a solid 2 inches in the five months since his birthday.  He moved into new church shoes and pants today.

Zoe has grown, too!  She's 34" tall now, and she has grown over an inch just in the last three months!  She's only in the 60th percentile, but she's definitely taller than most of her friends and her long toes touch the end of her size 6 shoes.

Both these Stanfill-skinny kids look taller than their actual height.  Last week at the pool a lady asked me if Zoe was the same age as her... 3 year old?!  Gah!  Mine hardly even talks yet, woman, give her some time to be a baby!  What really threw me was when a friend's visiting grandma asked Jed if he was in Kindergarten or First Grade.   Even though he is a sober little old man, and talks like he's 70, I still think of Jedster as my little tiny guy, and it shocked me to think other people perceive him as so grown up.

Meanwhile, the one who's really growing is... Mom.  At my last checkup, which was just over a week ago, I got measured and weighed.  You're supposed to gain a pound and grow a centimeter on average per week.  In 3 weeks I had gained only 2 lbs but grown 5.5 cm!  Yep, it's not just my imagination... the baby's huge! I am hungry all the time, and back to the ol' first trimester joy of getting nauseous if I don't eat very regularly and in large quantities. I worry that the baby might come early.  This would be bad because Michael has to travel the next three weeks.  We would really like the baby to wait until its own appointed time -- we're just not ready yet!


Carrie said...

Wow, the growth! I'm jealous of you! I'm hungry all the time too, only I gain the weight and the baby seems to be going along as normal! I don't look like I've gained, but every month I'm shocked at the scale!

Jean said...

Savannah wears size 6 shoes. Oh my.