Wednesday, July 27, 2011

My Bad Habit

I have a confession to make. I've developed a bad habit. And it looks like this:

After we moved Zoe into Jed's room, I had to make up a new nap routine for her, especially since it coincided with me weaning her. I decided to try snuggling her into my bed for naps so Jed could continue to have his quiet play time in their room. To my surprise, it worked. Unlike Jed, who would rather use me as a punching bag/trampoline than ever sleep in my presence, Zoe has loved our new naptime routine.
My original plan was to slowly teach her to fall asleep by herself on the bed, and that worked for a while, but the problem is... I am really tired. And I almost always fall asleep first! Pretty soon I was addicted -- falling asleep with a small soft arm clutched around your neck, soft pink lips pressed against your cheeks, it's heaven I say.

So now we take a nap together every day. I don't know how that will work with the baby coming, but at this point, I don't even care. Naptime has become the most precious mommy/daughter time for us, and I can't give it up!
You can't tell me you wouldn't love all this darlingness cuddled up in your bed, too!
Now when Michael is home, he asks with big puppy eyes if HE can do quiet time with Zoe that day, so he can have some snuggle time, too.  I'm happy to share.  She's such a sweetheart and moments like this you have to cherish.  I know she won't be a toddler forever.

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Tasha and Doug said...

I had the same bad habit with Riley. Now that she's older she moves and thrashes in her sleep a lot! I'm a little sad that Liam sleeps better on his own then with me.