Saturday, September 10, 2011

Auntie Annie

After another wonderful summer with Auntie Annie in town, we were sad to say goodbye this week. As a farewell present, she made herself and Zoe these darling matching watermelon aprons. Seeing as how Zoe loves all things frilly and sparkly, it was of course a hit.  Little Zoe looks so much like Annie at the same age - short blondy hair, bright brown button eyes.  She's going to miss her "Lella."

Annie, we will miss you so much. Come home soon!


Mike and Emily said...

We miss annie too. She's an amazing auntie. I can hardly stand how cute these two girls are. And annie...I love your hair and your stinking guts!!

Anonymous said...

I sure love you guys! And I miss you too Emily! I am so happy I was able to play with you and your family! I sure miss you guys. I am going through niece and nephew withdrawal as we speak!
da Aunt