Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Naming Mistake

I realized the other day that we have made a major error in our child-naming strategy.  As most of you know, our kids are all named after grandparents.  But the problem arises when you start calling for them and it turns out all of their first letters are interchangeable with real names:

Jed - Zed
Zoe - Joey
Zane - Jane

Sorry, everyone for eternity.


Cassie said...

Our problem is that we have given our children slightly uncommon ancestral names, Soren (Danish) and Adia (Jewish). We get all sorts of mixed reactions and weird pronunciations and the occasional 'I love that song!'
I love your kids' names and be grateful that you haven't started calling them by the pets' names yet (or vice versa).

Annie Japannie said...

That seals it. The next one will have to be Zessica.