Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Happy Reminders

I love finding Jed's latest artwork on my daily list. I'm not sure why, but the list is a VERY coveted art spot for both children. Perhaps because they know it will get a full day's worth of appreciation by Mom. Often I can't even get the list written before the clipboard has been snatched from my hands and filled with the latest Stanfill Masterpiece.
You can see me, in my love cottage. I am smiling at the door. A gift waits for me outside on the steps. A flower grows near the basement window. Hearts float around me, the sun shines above, and kisses and hugs fill my little home up to the rafters. Pretty accurate, I'd say.
Jed liked that particular picture so well that he drew me another, but this time in full color and cut out.
The other day, after witnessing one of Jed's latest creations, his dad said "Well, Jed, you're becoming quite the little artist!" I added, "Just like your Daddy!" (After all, Michael does have a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts.) "NO," Jed corrected us, "not like Dad, like Annie. She is a real artist." Michael didn't appreciate that much but I had a good giggle over it. Like that, Auntie Annie?

Several days later, Jed found a post-it note pad left out loose and unguarded. Crowing with excitement, he informed me that he was going to post smiling notes all over the house to remind us to be happy. And he did. Here is a small sampling.
This happy face lives sideways in the hallway.
This one lives a little farther down the hall.  In case you can't tell, it is a heart.  Hearts (also often called "flowers" by mistake) have been tricky for Jed and he has only just started to get the hang of them.  Now that I look closely the left figure may be a heart-flower because you can see it has a stem.
Walk into Jed's bedroom, and you will see this fantastic adornment.
Most of the dresser pictures are of race cars, monster trucks, or dragsters. Here is my particular favorite:
Jaunt across the hallway and into my bedroom. Close the door and you'll find this joyful little beauty staring back at you.
(That's me, in case you aren't adept at Jed-Art-Character-Identification. People with sticky-up hair are male. People with "flat" hair are female. Big females are Mom, small females Zoe. Naturally.)
I've saved my favorite for last. A portrait of happy Mom and Dad, together, right smack in the middle of our closet doors.
Jed was right -- I've had these little pictures up for a week now, and every time I see them I can't help but smile.


Anonymous said...

Dear Jed,
Thank you for calling your Auntie a real artist, it made her month.
Aunt Annie

Jean said...

Ha. I totally noticed those in Jed's room when we were there this week.