Sunday, November 6, 2011

A visit to the fire station

Our Friday FunDay group took a tour of the little local fire station this past week. The kids toured the engine, saw a firefighter in all his gear, and toured through their living quarters. The best part was when we were standing in the firefighter's living room and the fire alarm went off! The three firefighters ran out of the room and put on their gear. One peeked his head in and said "We'll be back in 10 or 15 minutes! Make yourselves at home! Stay around if you can to finish the tour!" and then they jumped on the engine and headed out with the siren wailing. And there we sat, twenty or so moms and running, squealing kids, all one in the fire station. Ha! We stayed and they came back later, tearing into the station with lights and siren flashing, flag waving. It was totally sweet. I loved it.

I love this shot!

Zoe felt a tad shy, but not enough to stop her from taking a tour of the engine.

Still keeping a close eye on him...

I had to drag Jed over but he lit right up when he got to spray the firehose!

A bunch of good friends

Kids and firefighters.  Notice Jed's skeptical gaze.  He was, um, shall we say a bit "standoffish" towards the firefighters, as in "stand on the far side of the room-ish" , but by the end he was willing to stand within ten feet of them, so we considered that progress.

We love Friday FunDay!

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LaQuitha said...

This looks so awesome! I wish we could have made it! We are definitely coming to the museum this upcoming Friday!