Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Big Brother Jed

I love watching Jed grow up and into his personality.  There's a remarkable little man in there. A few days ago, at the park, Zoe wanted to swing really bad, but I was holding the baby and my knee was really bothering me so I didn't want to get up. I asked Jed if he felt like he could push her for me.  He thought for a moment.  "Sure, Mom!" and he ran over.  Zoe beamed.  He gave her a few awkward shoves before he got the groove of pushing. Soon she was flying high in the sky, giggling and shrieking with joy, and Jed had the biggest grin on his face.  He truly enjoys helping out with his brother and sister.

 He's at an age where he really, really enjoys any opportunity to participate in grown-up tasks. One of his favorites is babysitting Zane.  When Zane was a newborn, in the afternoon for "quiet time" I would be so tired, and Zoe needed a nap but wouldn't cooperate how that we had two rooms for three kids... So I asked Jed if he could babysit.  He screeched with excitement "YESSS!"  "Mom, I will take such good care of him and bring him everything fun he needs."  After some careful instruction, and strapping the baby in tight to his soft bouncy-chair, I went into the other room--just across the hall, where I could hear everything going on.  The first few days I checked in every five minutes.  Everything was fine.  I would tiptoe to the door and peek in.  Jed lay on the floor, quietly making motor noises and pushing a little toy truck back and forth, back and forth, in front of the baby. "Look, Mom, I'm teaching him to love blue and cars like me."

Today we had a books-picnic.  Jed and Zoe love eating lunch outside on a blanket while I read aloud our latest book.  We finished reading Winnie-the-Pooh (which Jed and I adored. Totally a classic.) I announced it was time to clean up.  Jed asked if he could play with Zane for me. I got up to run the dishes inside and when I came back out, Zane was sitting on the blanket under the tree and Jed lay in front of him, vrooming a little matchbox gently over Zane's fat little noggin', while Zane giggled and beamed at his big brother.

I've got the best job in the whole world.  Sometimes I feel guilty because I enjoy staying home with my kids so much.  Surely I should be doing something more hard and lousy like Michael has to at work.  But dang, it's fun, and seeing those kids loving each other makes my cup of happiness run over.


Mike and Emily said...

So sweet. I love your kids!

Anonymous said...

I have loved being a Mom too! xoxox Mom

Amy said...

I love it when the "BIG" kids can help with the horse rides. Go JED!