Sunday, March 18, 2012

His Momma's Boy

Jed was helping me make pizza dough for dinner. I asked him to get the whole wheat flour out of the fridge, where it is kept in a large yogurt container. I turned my back for a few moments to check on the baby. I heard a muffled bump, a gasp from Jed, and then a muffled "It's OK, Mom! I'll clean it up Mom! Don't worry, Mom! I'm cleaning it up now Mom! Sorry, Mom!" There was Jed, turning in frantic circles and sputtering about in the midst of this mess:
Oh dear, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.
I know he feared the RAGE OF MOM, but I only laughed and told him to hold still while I got the camera.You can see in his face how relieved he was that I didn't get upset. Goodness knows I've done the same thing a hundred times myself. Bless his sweet little heart. We cleaned it up together -- I swept while he held the dustpan, and then he wiped down the cabinets while I fed the baby. He's his Momma's boy!


Annie said...

I love this child!

Brooke Rosen said...

Ah, a little Vanessa clone! How sweet :) You guys are going to drive Michael batty :)