Thursday, July 19, 2012

Hiking Big Creek

Since we've been in Montana the kids and I have gone hiking several times. 

We went up Blodgett Canyon first, with friends Anneke and Erik, which was somewhat whiny since Jed was terrified either bears or mountain goats or eagles or all three would kill him.  By the time we gave up and headed back, he was loving it and insisted we eat lunch by the creek at the trailhead.  

Next, we went on a Cub Scout hike up Big Creek with Cubmaster/Poppa Gary and his crew.  We didn't make it as far as the hike, but the four of us made it two miles, which I thought was pretty respectable for a two year old, a four year old, a baby in a backpack, and one gigantic bloody nose halfway back that ruined a lot of the fun.  We had a great time until the blood part.  

Then today we went back up Big Creek with Poppa Gary, just a little ways, to find the "perfect spot!" for our annual Camp Ground-Doggie Family Hike!  We found this lovely little spot, not far up the trail, with logs to sit on surrounding a shallow, kid friendly spot. We thought it was a safe spot for a big family gathering, and Dad even took a tumble off a log and into the creek just to make sure. :) Jed rhapsodized on and on about how pretty and how perfect it was for us. "Oh Gramps, I just love this place!" 

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Carrie said...

So great! I love when we can share with our kids the beauty of the great out doors. Oh, question. What type of backpack do you have Zane in?