Friday, August 3, 2012

Headed Home

After 34 days of travel and vacation, today we finally begin the long trek home. What a fantastic month full of memories with the people we love best -- our family. Here are a few shots Michael's sister Emily caught of our kids the last two days while we made a quick stop here in Utah.
Jed and Zoe and their cousin, Jude.  Jude and Zoe are only a few days apart in age and they are already best (naughty) buddies.  I call them Double Trouble when they are running around hand in hand, giggling, shamelessly encouraging each other into all sorts of hijinks.
Our silly girl.

Zane finally gets to meet his namesake, Great-Grandpa Zane Taylor. Here he is cuddled up with Grandpa Zane and the wonderful Grandma Beth.

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