Thursday, September 6, 2012

Jed's Journal

One of our homeschool projects this fall is creating a journal.  I bought Jed a green binder in August, and promised him that it would be his journal. Then we never got around to doing it.  But Jed remembered, and the other day he begged me to get his journal out...and then tell him what is a journal.  It didn't take long for him to get the idea.  He takes after his mom--after a few pages he got the journaling bug and he's been averaging a half dozen pages a day so far.  I let him draw the picture and then he narrates the story to me.  I don't know if you can read them, but some are pretty hysterical. Especially the car trip one.  "Mom, now write BORING twelve times."  (I only wrote three, my hand was getting tired after all this journaling!)

Today he wanted to share his journal with all his grandmas.  So he got out the camera and took his own photos and instructed me to put them on the blog.  And thus, Jed's Grandmas, here you go.
This explains that dad has been traveling a lot lately and Jed is very sad.  (Michael is in Indianapolis M-F most weeks for three months doing an audit up there.) Jed is also most intrigued by all the different cars dad gets at the car rental place.

Sunbear and Roofie, Jed's best friends.

We go hiking each Friday this fall. Here he is hiking in the trees with his friend Savannah.  Jed also has a nature journal that is its own unique experience.

We went to the local zoo for Labor Day. 

The garden is doing well.  It's looking really good.  That's all.

A prolonged tale about the airshow we saw in Owensboro a few weeks back.

4th of July fireworks happened in August this year.  Very memorable.

Camp Ground-doggie of course!

The trip to Camp Ground-doggie.  36 hours of BORING!

Playing volleyball in the backyard with the babysitter.

Our family, with ages.  Check out Zane crawling at the bottom of the pages.

Shopping.  Apparently very dull, but he likes the cool stuff we get.  Favorite store: Aldi.

He took this photo of himself looking excited about his journal.

Here is the cover.  Race cars and Monster Trucks!  That's my boy.