Thursday, August 30, 2012


Several years ago, Granny Zo'An gave Jed and Zoe each a little CareBear.  Since none of us have ever watched CareBears we don't know what the bears names are supposed to be, so we named the one with a sun on his belly "Sunbear" and the one with a flower "Flowerbear."  Since that time, Jed and Sunbear have bonded as the best of friends.  Along with Jed's little Spanish dog, "Roofie", Sunbear tags along with us all over town.
At one point during our vacation, we were headed out for four or five days to a different home.  When I told Jed to grab Sunbear, he ignored me, so Sunbear got left behind.  Well several days later, I walked into Jed's room late in the evening and he was sobbing into his pillow, tears streaming down his little cheeks.  He missed Sunbear so much and he was sure we had lost him forever when we left him behind.  A few days later, the two were reunited and since then Sunbear and Jed have been nearly inseparable, as you can see.

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