Saturday, April 6, 2013

Man of Means

Lately, Jed's been interested in making money. So I've given him some extra chores he can do to earn a few quarters here and there. The great thing about having a boy is that he is absolutely thrilled to buy a little hotwheels car, which only takes five quarters. So after just a couple of chores, he has enough to go to the store! Usually Dad takes him, but this week I got a turn.
It turns out Walmart stocks about seven thousand hot wheels at any given time. And naturally, since Jed is his father's clone, he wanted something specific: a rally car. So mom dug through seven thousand cars and I am proud to say I am an informed enough Stanfill Wife that I knew what make/models we were looking for. I found six acceptable options, and he happily hemmmed and hawwwwed for about twenty minutes before making his choice.
Here he is going through the line -- putting his car on the conveyor belt, handing his money to the checker, getting his receipt and change... it was all so exciting.
And look at that cute little Mini Rally car!

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