Tuesday, April 30, 2013


From the journal:

Speaking of hungry, today we sat quietly during the beginning of sacrament meeting. The kids were quiet and well behaved. The Priesthood boys got up and as they said the prayer, Zane perked right up. When the bread was uncovered, Zane started bouncing up and down in my lap. “Mmmmmmm!!!” he happily growled in my lap. With eager abandoned he loudly smacked his lips four or five times. “MmmmmMMMMM! Mmm! Mmm! *Smack!* *Smack!*” This boy was ready for snacktime! A big eager smile cracked his face as he bounced on the pew. “MMMMMMM!!! YUMMMMMMM!!! *SMACK!* *SMACK!* *SMACK!*” Giggling madly, I finally shoved a piece of bread in his mouth. He moaned happily “Mmmmm!” Yum! Sacrament!

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