Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Horseback riding in MT

First the kids had to prepare "Shorty" the mustang for riding. He needed a good brushing.  
After getting the blanket on, our friend Maxine asked who wanted to go first! Nobody of course. Stanfill childen have a strict "no volunteering" policy. Then Jed said "Well I guess it is going to have to be me..."  Way to take one for the team, big guy. I could tell that secretly he was really excited to get up on that little horse. After he got the hang of it, Zoe hopped on behind him and they took a walk around the field. Jed loves being the big strong brother. 

Later Zoe hopped off and joined the cheerleaders. 

Jed rode again and again. Gramps did a lot of walking around that field. 
Jed absolutely loved it. (Note the awesome matching hats.)

Finally Jed helped take off shorty's gear and brush him down. 

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