Monday, July 1, 2013

Out on the dirt pile

Granny and Poppa's dirt pile is a long standing summer tradition. Zane is in on the action this year, even though he can't get off the pile himself and will stand shrieking atthetop for someone to come hold his filthy, sweaty little boy paw so he can get down and do some more running. Even though we are in the middle of a heat wave, that hasn't stopped the kids at all. 
Nearby, Jed has built a new fort against the woodpile. Building the fort is another annual Granny and Poppa event. 
This year, Jed is particularly pleased with the furniture and wood flooring that he has installed.
Meanwhile, Zoe is cooking up a storm on the dirt pile. "Who wants dirt for breakfast?!"
Zane and I are hiding out in the fort, keeping cool in the shade while the others play on the pile. Hot fun in Montana.
(Let's be honest, hot fun in a Montana heatwave is still cooler than regular summer fun in Indiana. But we shall seewhen it  gets up to 104 this afternoon!)


Brooke said...

EVV had a high of 72 day with light rain most of the day... kind of odd for July!

Jean said...

Whatevs, girl. We've been chillin' here. For the 4th, I wore jeans and was cold.