Sunday, April 6, 2014

So much rain!

This past week we had the rainiest day in recorded Evansville history.  The previous total rain in 24 hours record was 2.89 inches.  We handily smashed that by geting 4.97 inches.  It poured and poured and poured and lightninged and thundered for 30 hours straight, for a total of 6 inches of rain.  Craziness! 

We did get a short break about 18 hours in, and the kids wasted no time in donning their boots and heading out to the newly-formed lake in the backyard.

I wish I had a photo of them in their "boat."  I thought it a little ridiculous when they planned to float out in the overturned turtle shell to our little sandbox, but they proved me wrong because it totally worked!  Zoe and Zane both sailed out in their little boat, spinning happily with the plastic baseball bat as an oar. These kids are awesome.

The second full night of explosive thunder and lightning wasn't kind to the kids' sleep.  Michael and I couldn't sleep either.  It was an incessant roar of waterfall off the roof, punctuated by blinding flashes and bombs going off in the front yard.  This is how we finally got Zoe to sleep.
Yes, that is ear protection for Michael's rifle, and it works perfectly to protect little girls from nature's artillery.

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