Sunday, April 6, 2014


One of my favorite things about Zoe is how much she loves creepie-crawlies.  She's always running to me with a wiggly worm or chirping cricket or some tiny creature clasped in her moist little hand.  Last summer she had a cricket collection, which she captured all by herself (at age 3!)  I shamelessly encourage her gross bug habit, since I myself worked for an entomologist raising weevils and moths back in the day.  We are women who love bugs and creeping things. 

Worms are generally her favorite, though.  After our big rainstorm this past week (6 inches of rain in 30 hours) we had worms by the handful available, and Zoe Ann was in heaven.
 She gently stretched them out on the pavement to compare their lengths.

I am sorry to report that often the worms do not survive her tender attentions.  I chalk their deaths up as a sacrifice to science, since I'm quite sure we'll have an accomplished entomologist on our hands someday.

Baby brother wants in on the photo action. "HI DAD!"

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