Thursday, March 27, 2008

Almost In

We've been staying in our new house since Monday, even though our furniture won't be moved in until Friday. I just couldn't wait, though, so we moved the bed and all the stuff in last Saturday and Monday. So far, aside from a small clogged kitchen sink issue, I am totally in love with our new house. Here are ten reasons why (in no particular order):

10.A toilet paper holder - for the FIRST TIME since we've been married! Hallelujah!

9. The house temperature measures precisely the same everywhere in the house (I've checked), and that temperature is precisely the number set on the thermostat.

8.More kitchen cupboard space than I've ever dreamed of. Approximately five times more than our last apartment.

7. Big windows and glass storm doors bring the sunshine in, filling the house with light. Jed loves standing at the glass doors to look outside while banging his sticky hands and rubbing his drooly mouth joyously at passing chipmunks.

6. Room to stretch out and lay on the floor in almost every room of house. Wow have my expectations been low, lately.

5. In our old apartment, even a small storm seemed to blow right through the walls and make the whole house shake. Also, you always knew it was raining when water started running down the front wall. In our new house, you can't hear the wind blow at all, even in the midst of a gale. It was pouring last night and I didn't even know until Michael came in soaking wet.

4. A carport!

3. I was nervous about the 50+ year old range, but it's the best, hottest, and fastest heating range I've ever had! And the brushed stainless steel looks retro rad with its matching cover.

2. Miracle of the Oven: ALL my cookie sheets fit, by some miracle, in that ittie bittie space. Even the big pizza pan.

1. Trees everywhere, I can see the river from the front yard, and birds sing in chorus every morning. Except I can't hear them through my double paned windows with double paned storm doors. Did I mention that this house is awesome?


Lucy said...

How exciting! It's so fun to finally have the space you've always dreamed of! Congrats on the new house.

Brooke said...

I can't wait to see it!!!!

Adamzes said...

Wow, you weren't even gone long. Glad you're in, hope the furniture and everything falls into place quickly. Good luck and enjoy!!

Laurel said...

Vanessa, do you remember me? Sister Lyman from Nauvoo. Your house sounds amazing (seriously, I'm green with envy over the cupboard space and normal thermostat). Congratulations!
Your blog makes me feel bad for being a stalker and just reading blogs without commenting because it shows up that someone from American Fork visited, thus the comment. Hope you guys are doing well (like I don't know :-), I've been reading your blog for ages)

Brandon & Amber said...

I'm so glad you love your new house. I had a little bit of buyer's remorse when we moved into ours because we did so much fixing up and I now absolutely HATE painting. But we love being homeowners and having Samantha jump up and down, not having to worry about people below us. So happy for you guys!