Monday, March 10, 2008

A Good Weekend

We've got big smiles and happy hearts this Monday morning. Here's why:

1) Michael got a bonus! Not a huge one, since he'd only been working at the company for a month and a half, and less than a week in his area, when they did the interview. But hey, it's still a bonus! Several people asked us what we were going to do with it. Haha silly people. The mortgage already has dibs on all unexpected income for the next three months.

2) Michael got a raise! Not a huge one (see the aforementioned reasons), but a happy raise nonetheless. Especially since everyone (including his boss) told him there was no way he'd get one for at least another year. Yippee!

3) Michael didn't have to go snow camping! Michael's been the 11-y-o scout leader for the last few months and this past weekend was his first scheduled campout. Not that he doesn't like camping, but camping in snow and freezing rain with a bunch of kids who most likely don't even own a warm jacket (crazy Southerners) doesn't sound like all that fun. Fortunately, 11 inches of snow between there and here took care of that.

4) Michael got to come home early! The abovementioned snow allowed M to work from home Friday afternoon. Hooray for snow days! We haven't had a full week of school or work here in, gee, a month? We could get used to this.

5) Dentist visits all around for teeth cleaning... and no cavities, no gum grafts, no twisty tools of horror. We got back pats and free toothbrushes, wahoo!

6) Funny books to read aloud and giggle together, comfort food, and snuggles made up the rest of Friday evening. MmmMmm!

7) Breakfast in bed on Saturday!

8) Helping our friends move, Michael got to throw a fridge down two flights of stairs. Did you know that fridges can bounce? I think that was his highlight of the week.

9) We sang a duet in Stake Conference on Saturday and I didn't pass out.

10) Stake Conference was FANTASTIC!!! Amazing how five hours of church in two days can fly by.

11) Michael got set apart for his new calling in the Stake Young Men's Presidency. He glows with excitement at the prospect, his presidency seems fabulous, and I couldn't be prouder.

PS - Pictures are forthcoming. Baby sleeps in the office now so it's a little harder to get into M's hard-drives.


Chelsea said...

Hi Vanessa!
I know its been forever since I commented!!! I am so sorry! Its been a crazy past month! I really had meant to comment for you b-day and the Big #1 b-day for Jed, but we got to go home to MT at the last minute and ever since then I've been behind! I have looked at you blog quickly though! I can't believe a year has flown by already-whoa!

That is so super duper exciting about you guys finally getting a house!!! That will be so awesome, fun, lots of fun hard work, but well worth it! Huge Congrats to Michael and all of his fabulous news-every little bit is going to help! I'm so glad you didn't pass out either singing-I'm sure it was beautiful! :] It sounds like things are going great for you all! Oh yeah, enjoy the snow that shuts down the south-its the best! :]

I just had to share some great news too-Moriah just had another BOY last Thurs. 6th, if you hadn't heard already. Lane Murray is his name. We are so excited and will be able to go up over Easter-can't wait! Will you get to see your family soon? I hope your Mom can come out and visit you soon! Best of luck w/ all of the house stuff and the move! Keep enjoying life just like you do!

Love, Chelsea
p.s. last week we were driving around SLC and I saw a gray house w/ a bright purple door and it totally reminded me of you guys!!! :] way to set a style!

Adamzes said...

Yay for good things! I love reading all of your posts, and I feel happy to read that you are so happy, cheesy but true. It's kind of contagious. I'm glad things are going so well for y'all, you must be doing something right! I love living in a place where we have snow, lots of it, and everything continues as normal, but I loved how in the South things took on a different kind of pace, you know?

Eric Dowdle said...

You forgot one! I'll just stick it up for ya...

12) We got to talk to my incredible brother on Sunday. Man, that always just makes a week better! He's such a stud.

Mike and Emily Bunnell said...

A lovely developments! I'm so excited for Michael's new calling...

VanSickles said...

Throwing the fridge down the stairs is still the highlight of Brian's week.....