Friday, October 10, 2008

Our Big Date!

For our third anniversary, which occurred back in August, I bought us tickets to see one of our all-time favorite bands, Pinback.

Remember how a few months ago we got all twitterpated when we ended up sitting next to Zach from Pinback from the plane?

Well, in between trying to appear as hip and cool as is possible while our nursing toddler kicked him in the midsection, we valiantly attempted to persuade him into putting on a concert somewhere near the middle of nowhere (i.e. Evansville, IN) The last time we had the chance to see Pinback, I was extremely pregnant and, well, anyone who's been to a concert with loud speakers pounding from the outside and angry fetus pounding from the inside knows why we didn't end up going. Anyway, so he did say that occasionally Pinback plays Louisville, KY, which is a mere 2 hour drive from here.

When we got home I eagerly checked their tour dates... but nothing. They weren't playing anywhere between Denver and NYC. Bummer. And that was the end of it.

A few weeks later, though, I was surfing around and in avoiding-housework moment checked again. AND THEY ADDED A DATE IN LOUISVILLE! Do I take credit? Why yes, yes I do. Am I excited? Why yes, yes I am. And are we going? Yes, yes we are and it is TONIGHT!

I bought the tickets for 15 buckaroonies each and four weeks later they were selling for $265 a pop. Wow! We were awfully tempted to sell, but then we decided it would be better to keep them, and then spend the rest of our lives bragging about how we went to see our favorite band and their tickets were worth like five hundred dollars.

So late this afternoon we drop Jeddy off for his first overnighter at Grandmas (yikes!) and then head for Louisville. Dinner, then off to the opening show at 8, the concert is at an old distillery converted into a music hall.

Our biggest concern is that Pinback won't even be on stage until 10PM, most likely, a time at which we are usually two oozing, drooling zombies of married people exhaustion. We have various plans in place to keep ourselves awake just... long... enough... to... say... we... were... there...

Then off to a romantic night in the back of M's parents' Pilot on the blow up mattress, hit the temple in the morning, and then we're home again. Yee hah! We'll tell you how it goes!


Mike and Emily said...

I think you should take credit. Well done! They are doing this for YOU, nay, ZACH is doing this for you! Have a blast!

Tysha and Jacob said...

Sounds awesome! No doubt you'll have a great time (and Jed, too - sleepover with grandparents? F-U-N!)

I remember for Valentine's day last year I surprised Jacob with tickets to see St. Vincent. I've been to a lot of shows but that one seemed SO loud. Sawyer thought so, too. It was his first concert and he kicked up a storm. I ended up covering my tummy with my jean jacket in hopes of buffering the noise a bit for the unborn babe. Anyway...(random)

Hope you had a blast!

a Tom said...

I don't know why I'm routed through Vevey, but I'm glad to make up the international contingent of your feedjit.

The concert sounds fabule. What is it about kids that really brings out the lame in one's night life? You'd think we'd be up for a party after the kids are down, but I usually end up feeling jealous that I can't be in the crib at 8.