Tuesday, October 7, 2008


Today as we were finishing up dinner, Jed squirmed out of his chair (he has figured out how to use his booster seat buckles and now we spend hours undoing and redoing them... fortunately his fingers aren't quite strong enough to get all the way out by himself.) We let him out but didn't put the cup of milk far enough back on the counter and he grabbed it as he dodged his daddy's reaching hands. "Oh, Jed...." Michael moaned as Jed splashed milk all over the back of the chair and floor.

Jed looked up with a serious expression. "Uh, oh! Oh, oh!" He ran over to the kitchen sink and started tugging. He brushed with death as the ginormous pile of dishes teetered, and then he fell back with his prize: a washcloth. He trotted over to the chair, sopped up all the milk with his washcloth, and then ran back to the counter and threw the washcloth up over his head onto the edge of he sink. He turned back with an air of victory and a grin that said, "See, Dad, I've got it all taken care of. I AM a little man!" and returned to playing with his buckles.

What a kid! How does he know how to do that???!!! But he's got his eye on Mom and he knows just how to get things done. Smartypants. Is there any way we can make this habit last through his teens? Because having a kid who cleans up after himself is fantastic.


Tom and Renee said...

He's definitly been watchin' you and wants to do everything you do.
Your teachin' him right :)

MomAlicia said...

I see vacuuming and laundrey in little Jed's future. Do you suppose if he watched Micheal at work long enough...
Maybe NEXT year.

Brightonwoman said...

Bear does that...he spills water on the floor when he's helping me with the dishes, then he grabs the dishtowel, throws it on the floor, and wipes it around with his foot just like mom. LOL!
He has also (moretimesthanIwanttoadmit) peed on the floor and then run for one of the old prefolds which I keep around for such things...he'll put it down, wipe wipe wipe, then run throw it in the diaper pail.
Today I was giving him a few minutes naked and when I came to put him in his new clean diaper (which I had gotten out and left on the couch so I wouldn't forget to re-clothe him) was nowhere to be found. A little hunting revealed that he had taken it and put it in the pail...he'd even put the lid back on the pail over it!!!

Katie said...

neighbors of yours? -- http://www.cnn.com/2008/HEALTH/10/07/rabid.bat.school.ap/index.html

Matt and Melanie said...

SO cute!!!