Saturday, October 4, 2008

Playing with the big green ball

Once a week I try and get my chores done early so we can have a "JED DAY!" On Jed Day we spend the whole morning doing whatever Jed loves to do. Well, ok, we also get our diaper changed. This past week, we played with the big green ball and wrestled. Then we had a snack. Then we went out and played in the yard. Then we went on a walk down by the river. Then we went to the library and read books and played with the toys. Then home for a nap. Such fun for baby and momma!

PS - you can see Jed's hair sticking up where his daddy spiked it before he left for work. They had matching sticky-up hair and oh boy did Jed giggle like a maniac when he saw himself in the mirror.


Camp Ground Doggie said...

He's so cute I can't stand it. Z

MKShelley said...

He looks like he has more fun than any other kid on the planet. You guys should have more kids so you can populate this world with happy fun-loving people. We need more of those around here.

Mike and Emily said...

He's looking so big and little boyish! Ah!