Thursday, November 20, 2008

Tucked In

I've noticed lately that Jed likes to tuck in his hands. If he lays on his belly, he likes to tuck his hands underneath his stomach. He always falls asleep with his hands tucked in between his belly and his dad's. When we cuddle, he likes to be cozy and all the parts carefully tucked in together.

He's just like his momma! I remember driving my mother nuts growing up when I would wiggle my feet underneath her as we sat together on the couch. At night, when I go to bed I have to tuck my hands in beneath a pillow, under Michael's warm arms, or even under my own arms but they just don't feel right until they are tucked in. Now that I've noticed this, I've found that I'm a tucking in addict. In the edge of my waistband, in my pockets, under my armpits, behind the couch cushions, but always tucked in. Even when Michael warms up a hot pack for my frigid toes, I'm just not ready to fall asleep until my feet are tucked in next to his.

Nice to know my baby boy is just like me. Makes me happy.


Dave and Katie said...

You think I would have noticed that you like to be tucked when we were tromping through Thailand! BTW, You have such an adorable boy!

Camp Ground Doggie said...

I can still feel those toes worming their way in, trying to find a warm spot. Z