Saturday, November 8, 2008

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A brief catch-up on the latest Stanfill News:

-OK, I may never get to the Big Date recap. Suffice it to say that everything went smoothly and according to plan and we had SO MUCH FUN! Thank goodness my brilliant spouse brought ear plugs, otherwise we never would have survived the concert. Also, apparently the concept of "designated driver" has not yet reached Louisville. We took off the second the concert was over, so as to avoid the several hundred drunk drivers about to weave their way home.
I felt quite smug at how well the whole thing turned out, especially the sleeping in the car idea. We drove over to the temple, blew up our little air mattress in the back of the Pilot, pulled out our big cozy blankets and pillows from home, and got a solid 8 hours sleep! Heaven! We had leftover muffins I'd made the afternoon before with grapefruit for breakfast and then walked right over into the temple! They let us use the bathroom to change and brush teeth, etc (we had called in advance.) All in all, with extras like t-shirts from the band, eating out twice, as well as gas, the whole weekend cost us like $150 total. And it was perfect!

-Last night we went to an artist's reception for a local photography exhibition called "digitized" that included two of Michael's recent photos!

What a man. The refreshments were EXCELLENT although when I asked the guy at the bar if he had water or fruit juice he laughed in my face.

-Michael's creative talents draw quite the demand these days. He also recently created this website for the Evansville Creche exhibit, a big bash nativity scene show put on every year at our church. Be especially sure to check out the gallery here, which has the gorgeous photos he took at last year's exhibit.

-I survived the Primary Program and Quarterly Activity weekend, though it nigh unto killed us all. I was especially proud of my "Secret Service" sharing time, which involved me dressing up as a Secret Service Agent ("We do service in secret") and sneaking around the room. Also, there was "physical training" that involved karate chops and jumping jacks. The kids seemed to thoroughly enjoy it, almost as much as I did.

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Anonymous said...

The website and the photos are so good it makes me want to go to Evansville just to see it! Great job! -- Eccles :)