Monday, November 24, 2008

Boys at work

We've had a quiet weekend here. Sickness seems to finally be trailing out the front door, out to crush some other poor unsuspecting family. Michael managed to miss out on the stomach flu, but got slammed by the leftover cold of mine from two weeks ago just as he started to gloat. After several days at home he has started to get his happy face and ruddy cheeks back. I feel like we've been reunited after weeks of separation! A joyful reunion after a long, long trek through the dreary world of sick!

On the sad side of things, Jed figured out how to climb out of his crib yesterday, and now he won't stay in for more than three moments. This morning I walked in to find him poised, feet nearly at head level, half twisted and flung over the edge, looking like an extreme climber from the X-games. His smug face revealed his own deep pleasure at his newly discovered skillz.

So tonight we are hauling out our little twin bed to set up in his bedroom. I confess a bit of teariness at the prospect... my tiny boy all grown up. We feel excited, too, though. We've been feeling for the last little while, since he's been fantastic at going to bed at night with daddy, that he could probably start sleeping in a big boy bed.

As Michael brings up each big wooden piece, Jed trails along behind. Jed's pants are a jeans, a size too large and lined with thick polar fleece (we went on a walk in the misty breeze today) Combine that with a double cloth diaper and his bottom looks laughably huge below his skinny little chest. With manly instinct, he poked around under the couch until he found his play plastic hammer, and he carries it clutched in his sweaty, stubby hand, ready to bang at the slightest provocation.

Bed time should be exciting tonight. We'll let you know how it goes.


Our Family said...

Oh man -he's growing up to fast....please don't let Jed teach K how to climb out of the crib. I'm so not ready for that! Good luck hopefully you get some sleep

leah said...

That is a hard adjustment. A gate really helped us at this point. I hope you are doing well. Have a merry Christmas.

Mike and Emily said...

I WANT MORE POSTS. love you. the end.

MomAlicia said...

I think I'm waiting, and not so patiently anymore, for another fun post from one of my favorite bloggers!
I want baby news!