Sunday, October 11, 2009

Random Recent Family Moments

Zoe laughed, a real laugh, for the first time last week. She laid on the floor beneath me as I did pushups, kissing her little nose every time I lowered myself to the floor. She reached up, grabbed the earbud cord hanging from my ears, looked up at me with a big open-mouthed smile, and LAUGHED! She looked positively mischievous, as if she knew how naughty she had been.

Jed loves to read. He'll haul out a big stack of books onto the couch and hang out there for hours.

Michael enrolled in an online programming class, since he's so bored with his other responsibilities working full time, parenting two small children, fixing up our rickety old house, traveling the stake for YMs, cleaning up disasters instigated by his accident-prone spouse, etc.

Last night Jed told me a story. The froggy went to the pond and he and his mom put on their swimsuits and jumped in. He caught the starfish. There was a little girl named Penny and she put on her swimsuit and jumped in. They played everywhere inside with their suitcase. They played outside. They played in Penny's garden, it was a flower garden. The frog went up the tree. Etc. etc.

Zoe has a new nickname: "Kickstart." Because she is always kicking her little heels in the air, and one especially as if she is kick starting a motorcycle.

Michael has been doing a project for the board of directors and he got to ride in the corporate plane!

I want to start sewing again. I painstakingly cut and carefully sewed according to directions a shirt for myself. I even measured to make sure the *ahem* recently augmented bust would fit, and even added a half inch for my broad shoulders. I finally got it done far enough to put it on yesterday. I can't even get it over my shoulders! It fits like one of JED'S shirts!!! How is that possible?!? I am cursed. Fortunately, I am familiar with this curse. That's why it was a practice run made out of some really ugly violent magenta velveteen I got for free. The universe may have it out for me, but I can still outwit fate on occasion. I still want to start sewing and remain undaunted. Zoe needs some violent majenta pants.

Why do people in Indiana park cars on their lawn? I am serious, often you'll see three or four cars parked in the middle of someone's yard, just in our neighborhood!

Also, it rains a lot here. The only place I've ever lived where your shoes get filled with water walking across a lawn.

Michael's been working a lot lately, and Jed misses him. Several days last week Jed insisted on wearing a tie, on top of whatever else his outfit was for the day, so he'd "be like dad." It's quite the look layering a red tie over a yellow and blue striped polo shirt. He cuts a wide swath.

Jed also often heads "off to Walmart for shopping, Mom." He'll come over in his tie, barfcase in hand, "I need a kiss!"


Brooke said...

Parking cars on the grass... On your block I imagine it's because there's no where else to park them :) That is one narrow street you live on!! My parents used to park one car in the grass and one in the driveway so both could back out without moving the other car... Then Oklahoma City came up with a new law saying you couldn't park on your grass anymore.
Here it rains so much, parking on the grass is generally a bad idea, because you ARE going to get stuck in the mud at some point...

Brookeanne said...

I think that this is one of my favorite posts. You have a fantastic writing style!

Mike and Emily said...

Awesome. Loved every update. What a good idea to put Zoe under you while doing push-ups. I've wondered about exercises i could do while still interacting with Jude. I'll have to work on that! We love you guys!

Annie Japannie said...

I think every girl needs some violent magenta pants.